3 Bicep Exercises to Help You Get Bigger Biceps

Having big biceps is the desire of nearly everyone who's ever visited a gym. In this article I want to share 3 excellent bicep exercises which will help you increase strength and build bigger muscles. Make sure to incorporate these into your workout routine.
Some of the Best Bicep exercises:
1. Reverse barbell curl - This is an exercise that targets the biceps and the forearms as well to give you a more balanced growth. You usually do this with a barbell but it can also be done with dumbbells.
You take the barbell in both hands in an overhand grip and curl it upward evenly with both arms. Make sure to clench your biceps tight when you reach the uppermost position at the end of the movement. Hold for a second and lower the barbell down slowly back to the starting position.
2. Hammer curl This exercise is a variation of the regular bicep curl and is performed with two dumbbells of equal weight. The difference is in the grip. You hold the dumbbells in a neutral grip. The movement is the same as the curl. You just lift both dumbbells in a fluid movement upward. This targets the biceps in a slightly different way and helps to stimulate the muscles better.
3. Negative chin ups - While the chin up itself is an exercise that targets the back and the biceps together, doing the negative exercise can provide a remarkable stimulation. Negative exercises as a whole are excellent to produce more strength and bigger muscles.
Doing a negative chin up is pretty straightforward: you jump up and grab the overhead pull up bar,
Best 3 Bicep exercises To Get Bigger Biceps
and raise your chin above the bar. This is the starting position, so you can also climb up to the bar.
The exercise itself is lowering yourself down very very slowly until your arms are fully straight. This may be harder than you'd expect in the first few workouts you do it in, but it will help you get bigger biceps so make sure to include it and other negative exercises in your workout.
To get bigger biceps, make sure to lift heavy weights, the kind that you can do up to 12 reps in each set. However, don't sacrifice form for more weight. You want to do these exercises right and build strength gradually. Work the biceps twice a week and you will see them grow.
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