A Top List of Ab Exercises For Women

All women want beautiful abs. Some women think they are stuck with their flabby abdomen, because they think abdominal muscle exercises to be the hardest of all exercises. But this isn't true. Abdominal muscles exercises are easier then they think. A balanced upper and lower ab development can be acquired but the ab muscles must be worked to get it. This article will give you 3 of the top abs exercises for women, who want effective results.
Abs Exercises for Women: Crunches Involving an Exercise Ball
Beginners, this technique is perfect for you.
Step 1- Sitting on the ball, place your hands behind your head and walk your feet out of the sitting position. Lower your body until your upper back and shoulders are remaining on top of the ball. Be sure your legs are shoulder width apart.
Step 2- Lift your hips to straighten your lower back and tighten your gluteus maximus muscles (butt muscles) and contract your abdominal muscles.
Step3- Have your elbows pointed out at your sides; raise your shoulders slowly, being cautious not to pull your neck. Soon enough, you will feel the burn in your abs, butt and thighs.
Step 4- After holding this position for 1-2 seconds, slowly lower your shoulders back to the ball. Repeat as many times as you can for an effective workout.
Rest for 30 seconds or less, as needed between sets. Do as many as 2-3 sets of 12-15 every other day.
More Abs Exercises Women Can Do: Bicycle Move
To accomplish this move successfully, you do not need any kind of fancy equipment.
Step 1- Lay on the ground flat on your back, hands behind your head, legs out. This is the starting position for the bicycle move.
Step 2- Contract your ab muscles and lift one leg while bending your knee. Slightly raise your shoulders off the floor, careful not to strain your neck.
Step3- Bring your elbow to the opposite knee; gently bend so they touch lightly.
Step 4- Begin lowering your body from the bending position, then switch sides so the other pair of opposite elbows and knees touch.
Thoroughly, but slowly complete these positions. To change a routine exercise, bring the elbow and knee from opposite sides together, causing the upper body to turn slightly to the side. This exercise gives a good workout to the obliques and the upper and lower abs.
Abs Exercises for Women: The Captain's Chair
To do this fitness movement, you will need a piece of equipment called the Captain's Chair.
Step 1- Sit down and rest your arms on the padded arm rest, dangling your feet. Your lower back will be supported by a back rest and should be straight.
Step 2- Crunch your abs while slowly lifting your knees toward your chest.
Step 3- Stop and lower your legs down into the starting position, slowly. Note that these muscles will be constantly contracted throughout the exercise.
The above list of abs exercises for women, contains some of the most effective abdominal muscle workouts, working the upper and lower abs, back and arm muscles, giving you a major strengthening exercise.
Getting Results You Want
The abs exercises for women listed above, by themselves, aren't enough to get that body-changing effect that you want. All of us would like to have a rock hard abdominal wall. If you want to get those results you need to consider the list below:
-Eating a healthy low saturated fat diet
-Aerobic or cardio warm-up before a workout.
-Making sure to stretch before and after exercising, allows flexibility progression
-Stretching before and after exercising, which allows your body to promote flexibility
-Making exercise a daily habit of yours
Top List of Ab Exercises For Women
Summing it up
Watch your eating habits and how frequently you eat. This is just as vital as exercising if your goal is to lose or maintain a healthy weight. In order to get results you need to do things that are going to get you those results. That's that. When you start your abs exercises for women, or any exercise plan for that matter, it will soon become second nature and a big part of your everyday life. Now go grab that six-pack you've wanted your whole adult life!
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