Dumbbell Exercises For Women

Dumbbell exercises for women are one of the most effective fitness tools to use for strength training. Including dumbbells in your workout can add more resistance and, thus increases the challenge in your lift. Using dumbbells in your workout can give you the flexibility when you want to perform your workout in the privacy of your place and have little space to use.

Dumbbells are relatively safer than using barbells especially if you are a beginner and are just starting using weights, or you are performing weight lifting alone and no one can spot you.
To give you a quick example, and that is performing bench press using dumbbells vs. using a barbell. If you are lifting a barbell, and you can't put it back on the rack then it can land on your chest area; but dumbbells can be used in an emergency situation like that, and they can be thrown away at the sides.
What dumbbell exercises for women you can implement you might ask? Well there are many, and I will provide you with three dumbbell exercises to target different muscles in your body.
Three Dumbbell Exercises for Women
Dumbbell Triceps Extension (supine)
Many women overuse the Kickback Triceps, but there is another exercise that I believe is more effective because of its mechanic lifting leverage.
- Lie down on your back and bend your knees so your feet are fully flat and stable on the floor.
- Holding both dumbbells in your hands, extend your arms fully and bring them down slowly until the dumbbells almost touch the top of your shoulders.
- Repeat the motion until your prescribed number of repetitions
Dumbbell Tri-Shoulder Exercise (standing)
In this exercise you will perform three planes/movements as one exercise to work your deltoids or shoulder muscles.
-Standing up and with your hands holding firmly with both dumbbells to your sides do the following…
  1. Side raises: lift up the dumbbells sideways (keep arms as straight as possible) to about shoulder level, and bring the weight down with a controlled pace. Then perform…
  2. Front raises: lift up the dumbbells in front of you (keep arms as straight as possible) and bring the weight down with a controlled pace. Then perform the third movement…
  3. Press Up: bend your arms and bring the dumbbells to the side of your head, and simply press up and bring the weight down with a controlled pace.
So in this exercise you are combining three into one exercise to work your shoulders.

Static Lunges with Dumbbell Curls
In this exercise you are performing lunges and dumbbell curls; that way you are working your thighs and biceps (the front muscles of upper arms).
Dumbbell Exercises For Women
-         Standing with both arms extended to the side of your body,
-          First, perform the dumbbell curls then bring the weight back
-         Next lunge forward with the right leg then step back
-          Perform another dumbbell curls then
-         lunge forward with the left leg then step back
-         Repeat for the prescribed number of sets.
This exercise will need some time for you to get used to it, and you can practice it first without the dumbbells for a few repetitions before you begin with the actual set.
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