Wrist Curl Exercise - How to Do Wrist Barbell Curls Right

Your forearms are one of the hardest bodyparts to develop. Many trainers manage to build huge muscles on other parts of their body but their forearms remain weak in comparison. The wrist curl is a popular and effective forearm exercise that can be done in a number of variations with a barbell or dumbbells.
In this article I want to explain the proper technique to performing the wrist barbell curl. Wrists are delicate joints and are prone to injury and pain, so wrist curls are exercises you want to make sure you're doing right.
Strengthening your forearms is important as they serve as supporting muscles in a variety of other exercises. Having stronger forearms will enable you to lift bigger weights with your biceps and back and will contribute to your overall muscle tone and growth.
What you need
A barbell or an EZ workout bar and a flat exercise bench.
Starting position
- Place the barbell on the workout bench.
- Kneel in next to a wide side of the bench and take the barbell in both hands.
- Your grip should be underhand with your hands spaced at about shoulder width apart.
- Move your hands forward until they and your wrists are over the side of the bench and the back of your arms are resting on top of it.
- Lower your wrists down as far as they can go without lifting your arms off the bench.
- Extend the range of motion by loosening your grip a bit and letting the bar roll down a bit in your palms.
- Curl your wrists upward while closing your grip around the bar. Raise your wrists as far as they can go but don't move your arms.
- Lower your wrists back to the starting position. That's one repetition.
Wrist Curl Exercise - How to Do Wrist Barbell Curls Right
Make sure only your forearms are involved in the exercise by moving nothing but your wrists. Keep your eyes on the barbell as it will keep your head in a comfortable position. If you feel any aching or pain in your wrists stop the exercise immediately.
The best time to do the barbell wrist curl is after you've completed your bicep exercises. The reason is that the forearms serve as supporting muscles in bicep exercises and you don't want to exhaust them until you've finished with your biceps.
You can also do this exercise without a bench, standing, or sitting down, but it will be more difficult to isolate the wrists, so make sure you have a bench to work with.
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