Use The Ball, Lose The Belly

Lose The Belly Fat To Use The Ball

One of the most notable advancements in the fitness world over the last 10 years is the progress we’ve made in understanding the importance of our core. Experts have recognized the importance of full core training not only as a tummy flattener, but as a back strengthener and crucial part of functional body movement, too. A strong core helps you bend, stretch, twist, and lift. For most people, your core plays in integral part of most every movement all day long – even healthy sitting! Included with all of this new knowledge has been a wealth of new and advanced methods for core training. We’ve ventured far beyond the crunches and sit ups and into the world of planks, rotations and balance challenges. But for this workout, it’s all about the stability ball.

                                                            Use The Ball, Lose The Belly
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